Episode 04: “Remembering well”

“Lest we forget” is a phrase that memorialises those who have fallen in war.

In this special Anzac Day episode of ‘From A Whisper To A Bang!’, Megan takes a step back to look at the world in which we now live, asking: Are we forgetting? What happens if we do? And, while we might remember, do we remember “well”?

In our busy, fast-changing “post-truth” world, she explores the role of remembrance now.

Travelling around Australia – and attending her first Anzac Day dawn service since returning home from Germany – she speaks with veterans, a politician, an empathy expert and historians – those whose business it is to keep history accurate, society accountable and the lessons of the past alive.

Amid the Australian War Memorial’s sea of 62,000 woollen poppies heralding the Centenary of the Armistice, Megan also “knits” together insights gleaned from fellow remembrance pilgrims, eager to share what remembering means to them.

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