Episode 03: “City As War Memorial”

Megan’s grandfather Harry was just a boy when his older brother “Dick” died during World War 1.

A twin, Private Richard “Charles” Spencer, 14th Btn., 1st A.I.F., was killed a few days shy of his 19th birthday on the 31st of January, 1918, on the Western Front near Ieper (or “Ypres”).

No doubt this played a role in Harry’s decision to join up in 1939.

Hungry for even more knowledge about her family’s military past, in Episode 03 Megan drives from Berlin to Belgium to find out how, when and why Richard died. It’s the first time any Spencer has visited his grave.

Alongside thousands of other “pilgrims” searching just like her, with amazement Megan discovers answers – and an entire town built as a war memorial.

As you’ll hear, in the muddy paddocks of Ieper and under the solemn Gates of Menin, Megan shares common ground with total strangers, founded in history, empathy and remembrance.

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