Episode 02: “Walking A Mile In Harry’s Shoes”

In Episode 02 Megan visits the crumbling, 75-year-old ruins of two of the four stalags (prison camps) her grandfather Corporal Harry Spencer – Prisoner No. 91985 – was held in, in Germany, between 1941-1945.

The first, Stalag VII-A, is in Moosburg in Germany’s south. The other, Stalag XI-B/357 in Fallingbostel, is in the north.

Two of Germany’s biggest prisoner of war (POW) camps during the war, each housed thousands of prisoners from all over the world.

With the help of locals, family members, military historians and narration from Harry’s handwritten memoirs, Megan dives deep into her grandfather’s POW experience, re-imagining it ‘in situ’ and ‘on site’.

It is a highly emotional journey – one that, as she finds out, is only just beginning…

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