AUSPICIOUS PLASTIC is a podcast about ‘precious objects’ that bring meaning to our lives – and the stories behind them.

Presented and produced by broadcaster Megan Spencer, guests discuss the things in their lives that are precious to them, and the stories behind them – often those made of plastic and/or of the Tupperware variety!

When using my Mum’s old Tupperware containers after she passed away, I discovered how such simple ‘pieces of plastic’ could hold so much meaning – and emotion. I wondered how a gnarly old canister could help someone to grieve, and decided to investigate. Through Auspicious Plastic I’m discovering a plethora of stories about us: people, community, food, family, friendship, empowerment and more. Instead of being worthless containers bound for landfill, they become containers of fascinating intergenerational stories.–  MS



Presenter/Producer: Megan Spencer
Original Music: Jeremy Conlon/Cooperblack (used with permission)
Logo: Studio Ink
Thank you: Massimo Maio & Sarah Pepin for equipment loans and to my Auspicious Guests!

Facebook: @AuspiciousPlastic
Twitter: @Circus_Folk

Episodes are released monthly on iTunes and Soundcloud.

© 2017 Megan Spencer. All rights reserved.

Auspicious Plastic – Episode Nine

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Episode 09: Casey Jenkins Casey Jenkins is an “endurance performance artist” from Melbourne, best-known for her 2013 “craftivist” work “Casting Off My Womb”. During it she knitted a huge textile from…

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Auspicious Plastic – Episode Eight

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Episode 08: Vanessa Ellingham It’s the day before Vanessa Ellingham‘s birthday and the day after the 2017 German Federal Election. Immigration looms large for both: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing party loses…

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Auspicious Plastic – Episode Three

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Episode 03: Michael Pieracci Michael Pieracci is an American “installed” in Berlin. A creative project manager, “photographer, presenter, traveller and drinker of tea”, Michael gave an engaging talk about ‘tools’…

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Auspicious Plastic – Episode One

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Episode 01: Delma and Katherine Calcagno I begin with one of my Mum’s contemporaries, my dear Aunty Delma and lovely cousin Katherine. The former is a five-decade-long “obsessed” Tupperware collector…

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